Wrap Up: Apple WWDC 2010


Another "magical" Apple WWDC has come and gone. Many anticipated announcements were made, while some other speculated announcements were left for all of us to ponder. Here is a quick synopsis of the days events.

The morning began with many rumors of a "magic" trackpad that would be able to recognize handwriting. This announcement did not come, but this does not mean that we will not hear about this trackpad at another Apple Keynote.

Steve Jobs, began the Keynote speech by talking about the success of the iPad and the iPhone. He presented the audience with statistics that drew "oooohhhhss" and "ahhhhs." There have been over 2 million iPads sold since its' launch. That's equal to one iPad every 3 seconds. The biggest update for the iPad is the ability to read pdf files just like reading an eBook. The iBooks app will soon be available for iPhone, where users will be capable of syncing the devices together.

The biggest announcement of the Keynote was the launch of iPhone 4. The newest iPhone looks a lot like the one that was leaked earlier this spring. The two main changes to the phone are the styling, it's slimmer, and the phone is faster. It will feature two cameras, capable of 720p video. The feature that excited many was FaceTime. FaceTime is a video calling service, but it will only be available over WIFI networks. It will not be supported on the 3G network. The Retina display is capable of 326 ppi, greater than what the human eye can see from 10 inches away. Multitasking is finally here as well.

A few announcements that were speculated by the masses, but were not announced include a free version of MobileMe, an update to Apple TV, iTunes.com, and Safari 5.

Safari 5 was released late in the afternoon yesterday. Some of the new features include Safari reader which allows for reading of online articles in a clutter-free view. Greater HTML5 support is also now offered. The search bar is now brought to users by Bing.

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Yep, it looks like the only phone with 3G / 4G video chat functionality is already on the market. Check out Sprint's new HTC EVO 4G. A few of us in the office already have it and it's a pretty slick phone. No need to wait for the iPhone to release this, it's already available!



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